Hand crafted professional capo
49,90 €

  • HAND-CRAFTED: At Tenor Music we put our hearts Into taking the beauty of design and functionality to a whole other level. Each Capo has spectacular vintage look and is made of beautiful solid wood and leather by our team of talented luthiers.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: A beautiful, elegant and valuable GIFT for Classical and Flamenco Guitar players. Made of the finest materials and Hand-Crafted by expert luthiers, Tenor's Capo is THE PERFECT GIFT with a personal touch.
  • FUNCTIONALITY MEETS BEAUTY: A Professional accessory for Classical and Flamenco Guitar Players. Easily attached to the guitar, readily tightened and loosened, Built tough to last longer yet light and portable.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Preferred by leading professional flamenco guitar players all over the world. The guitar maintains a clear tone and precise tuning once the capo is tightened. The ultimate Flamenco Capo Is a must have accessory for every flamenco guitar player.
  • Made in SPAIN.